CherMere INatural Leave - In Conditioning Creme review

I was introduced to CherMere's iNatural product line when I went to the company's Curls for a Cause event.  I needed a good leave - in as I felt that my hair would sometimes become brittle after the shampooing and conditioning stage.

This product contains ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter and moringa oil. It can also be used to detangle hair. I usually gravitate towards products with sea butter as my hair seems to work better with them.  Shea butter also works to protect your tresses from sun damage.

When I used it after my regular conditioner, my hair was much softer after it had been dried.

I would also say the smell was really addictive.
        I was sitting quietly in the backseat of a taxi one day, minding my own business.  Suddenly, the burly man in the front passenger seat blurted out, 'Oh gosh.  You smelling rell good girl!'

      I was like 'huh?'  He said the grease or whatever I was wearing smelling really nice.  Lil spooky yeah, but I accepted the compliment all the same.

I would recommend this to the naturalistas who may have to struggle with especially dry hair. You can check out CherMere's website here


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