Sunday, 30 April 2017

When You Are a Nappy Headed Hoe

Disclaimer:  I am not calling anyone by this obviously derogatory term, I am actually using it in the most sarcastic way that I know.  Sarcasm is my second language, followed by Spanish and French.
Therefore, Internet Trolls, don't start no stuff, won't be no stuff.

Ever been just minding your dadgurned business, only to encounter a soul so contrary that you wanted to ask 'Who sent you?'

I just finished doing a makeup class when a woman entered the store.  I was on my way out and as I passed this individual, she practically 'clotheslined' me so I could stop to talk to her.

Asked me what I do (typical Trini farseness), then she launched into 'What not to Wear'.  Stacy Clinton, Carmindy, blah blah.

Madam La then pulled out her driver's license to show her photo.  She did the makeup and hair herself.  What grade would I give her?  When I declined to do so (this incident happened during Easter holidays, ease meh up nah lady) she sickeningly repeated that I must grade her since my career was in Education.

Turns out she was some type of Image consultant and wanted me to use her services.  She also handed me the card for a hairstylist.  However, she was blabbing so much that she neglected to use the figurative Lomotil to ebb her verbal diarrhoea.

 Madam La stated that since I am taking a makeup course, I also had to get my hair and wardrobe in the same standard to match my face.

Ok then.  So she is judging my wardrobe and hair as needing an upgrade, when I came to the mall to do a class.  Meanwhile, Madam La is bare - faced, clad in tights and in a ponytail but she was quick to explain that it was because she just  came from the gym.

I guess I was under - dressed because I was in a black tie formal event.

Cool, let's see where this goes next.

1.  Madam La said that as my face was made up like this, there was no need to walk around with unkempt hair.

I will insert a pic with my 'unkempt' hair:

2.  Madam La went on to add I could go to the hairdresser she recommended.  She is not saying to relax it or put chemicals.  I could just ...Texturise It.

My response:  the sweetest fku smile I could muster.

If you don't know what a fku smile is, see here:
This photo is not mine.

Then Madame La decided to leave a heartfelt religious card with me, I guess she did her good deed for the day.

What's my issue?  Nothing wrong with offering your services, you know.  I just did not see the need for her to indirectly call my hair unkempt.  However, I aint mad.  It is just amazing how people seem to be bothered by the features of others.  However if I had decided to point out some of her features and add adjectives, I am sure that I might have been called mean, a sinner, or whatever.

'Unkempt hair'?  I wonder what someone else in my shoes would have done.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Spring lookbook?

It's spring time!

The temperature rises as the snow melts and this gives us an opportunity to show a little more skin while wearing some (in my case, at least) cute dresses.

I added some cardigans to fight the post - winter chill.

Some of my readers and viewers may know that I am from an island in the Caribbean.  Here, the weather is tropical (read hot).

However, I am interested in fashions of all seasons and to be quite honest, the US and Europe make up the largest percentage of my YouTube and blog audience.

Google Analytics said so.

So I may wear clothing to reflect the US seasons, but some of these items may not be available internationally.

Btw, my second largest percentage of viewers and readers hail from Trinidad and Tobago, where I was born and currently reside.

It seems that a lot of these Trinis watch, read, observe and don't comment.  Allyuh thought I couldn't see allyuh ent? Dat is what de Analytics does do.

So anyway, on to the clothing:

Floral dress: Gift
Geometric printed Dress: ?
Shoes: GUESS
Pink Cardigan: J & K Signature Styles
Blue Cardigan: GAP

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Are YouTube beauty gurus scamming subscribers? A word of advice to all influencers.

Over the past few years, there has been a spate of beauty YouTubers collaborating with cosmetic brands.  From lipsticks to makeup brushes, we can't keep up with the seemingly endless supply of products.

But let me be blunt:  we are seeing some good cosmetic products yes, but then there are some decidedly sh!+ty ones.  We will explore some of the bad.

Nikkie Tutorials went viral with her Power of Makeup YouTube video.  I guess this led to her collaboration with Too Faced Cosmetics to produce 'The Power of Makeup by Nikkie Tutorials' palette.  However, according to YouTuber Sanders Kennedy 's video, Nikkie was decidedly underpaid  although more than a hundred thousand palettes were sold.

John Kuckian, another YouTuber, stated in his video that Nikkie's product was patchy and not very pigmented when applied to the skin.  He also wondered why the formula used in this palette was so inferior if this company would have already established a particular standard.

Carli Bybel collaborated with Bh Cosmetics to produce the Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition - 21 Color Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette.  In the same Kuckian video linked above, he noted that the packaging was cheap and the colors in the palette were too similar.  However he did add that the former might have been because of the $US12 price tag (at the time).  Imo, Carli seems to be a lover of nude colors so it's not surprising that the palette reflected this.
Then there was the issue where Bh Cosmetics made the item available for pre - order.  Their website crashed amid the avalanche of activity.  Some customers did not receive a confirmation email, some were charged twice and even three times!

When contacted, customers received an automated reply from Bh.  Poor Carli ended up announcing on Twitter that everyone would get refunds.

Jaclyn Hill collaborated with Becca Cosmetics to produce her Champagne Pop highlighter.  This was followed by the Champagne  Collection. According to another Kuckian video Jaclyn Hill Limited Edition Scandal + Court Case, some of the eyeshadows were of an inferior quality because Becca used a Chinese factory to produce them.  This is not the factory that is usually used to manufacture their products.  Hill took to Snapchat to shine some (high)light on the issue.

According to her, Becca cosmetics wanted to come out with the entire collection at the same time.  With the deadline looming ahead, they decided to use the different factory.

Result?  The eyeshadow collection was discontinued.

What's my opinion on all this mess?

I obviously wasn't there when these agreements were being made, but I believe some of these cosmetics companies may turn to a more inferior mode of production so they could receive more money.

It is possible that contracts were not properly read, leaving the YouTubers at a loss.

In addition, some of these influencers end up signing contracts which may prevent them from working with other brands.

To all influencers, whether big or small, be careful when getting into collaborations with companies.  Your name is at stake.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Conversations with Nelly B: The event.

I was really glad to be able to attend Nelly B's event 'Conversations with Nelly B'.  Firstly, I wanted to find out more about natural hair care and all the natural hair products that are being made locally.

Secondly, I felt the need to meet with other women who would be going through a similar natural hair journey.

The event was held at The House of Creative People in Marabella.  Since the only place that I can easily find in this area was SuperPharm, finding the location was an adventure.

The event started off with a prayer, then we had discussions about our natural hair journey,

One of the other themes that came up during the talk included natural hair and our career.  One person stated that she would prefer to preserve her natural hairdo and avoid companies where her hair may be an issue.  Another stated that she was willing to compromise a little because her job was the key to her finances.  My opinion?

I am not willing to compromise for some of these sad 'workplace politicians'.  More on that in a later post? Maybe.

Here is a video of some of the activities held during the event:

We also received some goodie bags that were filled with hair product samples:

If you missed this one, be sure to find out the date for the next event!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Makeup tutorial GRWM for my subscribers.

I recently decided to do a chit chat get ready with me video to get an idea of what my subscribers may want to see.  This is also a little tutorial showing how much I learned in my makeup class.

Here are photos of the products that I used in the video:

You can check out the video to see how I used these products.  Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like my channel content:

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Easter at the Market Fashion Event

 The Hotel Normandie was the venue for the very informal  Easter at the Market fashion event.

Some of Trinidad's local designers showcased their most recent pieces as the models glided gracefully down the staircase of the hotel's lobby.

These designers include Ecliff Elie, Delia Alleyne and Lisa See Tai.  The pieces shown ranged from silky pops of color to dark, geometric patterns.

Here are some designs:

 My time at the show was short, as I had other things to do that day.  However, it was definitely time well spent at a very picturesque location!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Fashion Designers set to shine at Tobago Fashion Coda 2017.

Airline tickets?  Check.

Accommodation?  Booked.

Unforgettable outfit.  No?

  Well, there's still time to prepare for one of the most spectacular events in Trinidad and Tobago.
Sun, sea, sand fabulous fashion!

ICYMI, all fashion - forward guys and gals will be headed to the sister isle on Thursday 27th April for the 5th installment of Tobago Fashion Coda.  The Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort will  come alive with music, lights and amazing designs from the top local fashion designers.

The Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort 

Two of these fashion designers sat with me to share their thoughts on the upcoming Tobago Fashion Coda event: Krystal Fensom and Dayle Angus

Krystal Fensom has been the mastermind of the local brand K Fensom Trinidad for the past eleven years.  Dayle Angus operates under the label House of Abeje and hails from the sister isle.  Both designers deliver an array of colorful, trendy pieces that are perfect for the lively Caribbean soul.

Dayle Angus, House of Abeje.

When asked about their expectations for this event, Angus replied that it will be an opportunity to get some feedback from the audience, as well as reach a wider target market.

Fensom stated that she is definitely looking forward to the Tobago Fashion Coda experience.  She also hopes to gain the attention of a younger audience as she describes her market as more mature.

Krystal Fensom,
K Fensom Trinidad

While Dayle shared that her most recent collection differs from her last as there has been an exploration of new patterns and provisions for the more body - conscious figure, Krystal travelled outside her comfort zone to create her present collection and can't wait to see her designs come to life on the runway.

For the fashion - enthusiast who might live halfway around the globe, the Tobago Fashion Coda event is usually streamed to an online audience.  When asked about the advantages of  this, the event's organiser, Mr Don Grant said that the online aspect would serve as added exposure to local fashion designers. This means that all the colorful splendor of this breathtaking event will be made available to even more fashion lovers!

The Tobago Fashion Coda is part of the Tobago Jazz Experience, which also includes art, cuisine and music. This promises to be a memorable occasion that should not be missed!

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Style Crush - Bella Hadid


Bella Hadid appeased the style gods in her stunning ensemble of a jumpsuit, tough leather jacket and lace up boots.  She was spotted wearing this while strutting out of Milk Studios a couple of weeks ago.

The silky and  burgundy hued cropped jumpsuit contrasts smoothly with the structured leather jacket and boots.  Here's how to get Bella's look!

The luxurious fabric and his airy wrap jumpsuit and sophisticated grey tone will be perfect for a day to night transformation.  It can be dressed up to look more formal or classy enough for casual evening plans.

Add the jumpsuit to this embroidered jacket for a dazzling look.  It adds a wonderful pop of colour and glittery edge to the outfit.

Finish with this tote bag to fit all your essentials, this can also seamlessly be taken from day to night.

Cropped jumpsuit  £60 :

Leather jacket  £78 :

Tote bag  £42 :

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

EOS Lip Balm review

This photo is not mine

This photo is not mine

I first saw this lip balm being used by bloggers, YouTubers so I bought one from a vendor at a local beauty trade show.

The balm casing is cute and different colors represent different flavors.

This photo is not mine

I ended up repurchasing the product so I used it for approximately six months.


What do I like about this product?  Not much.  The bright colors and the scent.


  • I don't like sweet lip balms, this was too much for me.
  • The price is too high for this quality of product.
  • It doesn't last long at all, even affordable Chap Stick works better for me.

This photo is not mine

  • The globe shape of the lip balm container is bulky so it can't fit in some narrow clutches and purses.
  • Can we talk about the adverse reactions some customers experienced, which led to a lawsuit against the company? 

This photo is not mine

Read about THAT here and here.

For that price, I really would not recommend this product.  Unless you like pretty colors of course.