Friday, 31 March 2017

City Color Creamy Lips review: Bargain beauty

I received this lip cream in an Ipsy monthly subscription bag.

It has a light, sweet scent.

I like the applicator, it allows you to apply the lip product properly to areas like your Cupid's bow.

Shade: Mai Tai

As for the consistency , it is creamy (hence the name) and soft to the touch after application.

I swatched  the lip cream in the photo below, two coats on the left and one coat on the right.

The two swatches look almost the same so this shows that you can only apply one coat for good coverage.


I like the coverage of the lip cream, as well as its handy applicator. Its soft consistency is useful if you want to try an ombre lip with another lip cream or lipstick.  It blends easily with other products, as long as it is not a gloss.

Cons:  This product always remains in a soft, creamy state on my lips.  Then it starts to wipe off if you eat or kiss.  It lasts for about 3 hours without reapplying.

I would recommend this product, just be prepared to reapply if you want to wear it all day.

You can check out or purchase one of the lip creams by clicking one of the Amazon affiliate links below.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Sex and the Single Woman: 5 Things You Need To Know

This photo is not mine

Here are 5 basic things that you need to know about the single woman.

Take notes, ask questions at the end.

1.  We are not begging for handouts.
This photo is not mine.

By handouts, I mean sex.  We are good, thanks.

2.  Single women are not automatically available.
This photo is not mine

  Don't become pissed if you approach a single woman and she is not interested.  We are not LEGO blocks that can just be pressed and attached to another block.

3.  We are not all wishing and praying for our Boaz while crying ourselves to sleep at night.

Just, no.

I'm actually the mean woman who laughs at people struggling with their kids in public, or at persons who argue/scream/curse/fight with their significant other in front of everyone.

No relationship is perfect, I know, but do y'all have to be so loud?

4.  Single women do not have to be the side chick.

This photo is not mine

A single woman often meets more than a few men who may become angry af when she does not want to be part of a love triangle, parallelogram or octagon.

5.  We are not charity cases.  We don't want to hear 'Awww, oh gosh.  You will meet somebody soon'.  This is not a plea for sympathy.  Amazingly, some single people will say this to other people, usually after asking 'Why are you single?'  They are more interested in other people's relationship status than their own.

But hey...

This photo is not mine

Monday, 27 March 2017

Soap mini - haul

  My name is Danielle and I am a soap - sniffer.

  *hiii Danielle*

   Maybe I should go look for a support group for this.

 I enter a store.  I see soap,   I sniff.

I really don't care who's watching me funny either.

    So that is just what I was doing when I visited UWI's Agri Expo over the weekend.

There were quite a few soap manufacturing companies so I decided to try from the following two places:

Acacia Products
Coco Dreams

1. Acacia Products

 I did not get the person's name but the young woman in this booth let me know about the different types of soaps available.  She also allowed me to sniff as much soap as I wanted, yayy!

2.  Coco Dreams Estate.

I expected this soap to smell like cocoa butter but it smelt slightly fruity.  So I bought the cute chicken and egg shaped soap.