Saturday, 29 October 2016

Review: Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color

   I received two complimentary shades of Maybelline's Lip Color from Influenster for testing and review.  For more information on Influenster, click here.

All opinions are my own.

The items came in a small sturdy box (I am usually so excited to see the deliveryperson, free makeup can do that to ya).

Inside this box were two Lip Color shades which were encased in their own plastic cuboid containers.

The actual Lip Colors come in an almost cylindrical tube - the lip balm is situated on one end, the pigmented lip  on the other.

An info card also came in the box, relating the characteristics of the new product and how to apply.

When opened, the pigmented Lip Color has a mild, fruity scent.

On the left Keep  Up The Flame, on the right Constant Toast.

On trying Maybelline's Lip Color, the product goes on sheer so a second coat can be applied if desired.
It dries in a couple of minutes, then the balm should be applied to the lips.

I included some photos of myself wearing the Lip Color approximately 20 minutes after application, then 10 hours later.

20 minutes after application

10 hours after application.

Only the lip balm was reapplied as directed.

I realised that the color mainly stayed on my lips however, there were parts that rubbed off because I neglected to remove the dry skin from my lips beforehand.

A scrub of some sort should have been used before I applied the Lip Color.

I also wore the Lip Color in a darker shade Keep Up The Flame, in a recent YouTube lookbook video.

The color needs to be removed using an oil based remover.  I used coconut oil, rubbed the oil on my lips for a few seconds and then wiped it off gently with a baby wipe.

I liked the product, its durability and the two shades that were sent to me.  I hope to purchase a couple shades when they are available in my region.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Review: Thrive Causemetics Infinity waterproof eyeliner

  I got this product in my Ipsy bag.  It retails for $US22 on Thrive Causemetics' website.

The first thing I noticed was the brilliant color of the packaging: a gorgeous blue box and stick.
The eyeliner stick also includes a tip that can be used to smudge or blend your lines. It has a slightly minty scent

The liner glides on smoothly and has a matte finish.

I decided to test the liner for long wear so the maximum time worn at one time was 11 hours. I live in a tropical climate and my main work area has no air conditioning unit.  Despite this, the liner stayed on, did not feather or smudge. It worked well during the sweaty times.

I would recommend this product for its durability and easy application.  This may not be suitable for the high glam Instagrammy type of sharp, glossy eyeliner looks that a liquid eyeliner may give.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Trinidad's Beauty Expo (pictures)

Event: Trinidad's Beauty Expo

Date: Thursday 29th September, 2016
Location:  6 Scott Street, St. Clair 


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Starlite Collection

Body by MIA

Luna Mar Cosmetics

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