A tale of 3 soaps: Eco Truffles, Dudu-Osun and Mountain Rose reviews


  I'm a soap-lover.

No, not just 'I love soap because it is necessary for hygiene'. It's more like 'a relaxing event after a long hot day where I can just get sudsy and bubbly while pondering on the meaning of life' kind of thing.

Too much? Maybe.

Over the last few months, I decided to try different types of soaps.  So I found some in a couple craft fairs and specialty stores.

I will be reviewing 3 soaps in this post:  Eco-Truffles Mango Loufah Heaven, Tropical Naturals Dudu Osun black soap and Mountain Rose Bath and Body Treats' Peppermint Pop.

1.  Eco-Truffles Mango Loufah Heaven

Eco-Truffles Lavish body treats provides natural products for the skin and hair.  The company is based in Trinidad and Tobago.  Some of their other products include facial masks, body butters and organic coconut oil.

This soap had a slight mango scent - I was actually half-joking when I was thinking that I would smell like I had just eaten a ripe Julie.
There was a slight lather, not at all like the regular factory-made soaps.
It was also gentle, I could feel the cleansing and yet moisturizing effect on my skin.

I would definitely recommend the use of this soap.

2.  Tropical Naturals Dudu-Osun Black Soap

The Tropical Naturals company is based in Nigeria. This soap is hand made and contains honey, cocoa pod ash and palm kernel oil. 

The scent of the Dudu-Osun soap is hard to describe, it is not flower scented.  I could best describe it as musky. When I started using it, I found that it lathered a lot.
  The soap did the job of cleansing.  However, it left my skin a bit drier than normal. 

After three days of use, my face started to break out.  When I checked some reviews online, they stated that the breakouts are part of a 'purge phase'.

I stopped using the soap completely.  Although the reviews stated that this purging was a common result, I was not cool with it.
I would recommend this soap to those with oily skin.  Also for skin that is not sensitive (yikes).
This would also be great for men with tough skin who may be working in 'grimy' jobs.  This soap would certainly do the trick!

3.  Mountain Rose Bath and Body Treats Peppermint Pop

Mountain Rose Bath and Body Treats hails from Trinidad and Tobago.  Some of their products include shower gel, body lotion and body scrub.
The Peppermint Pop soap contains coconut oil, peppermint leaves and cocoa butter.  There was an average amount of lather and the rich scent of peppermint was heavenly!  The soap was also cleansing, moisturizing with no negative effects.

The Peppermint Pop soap was my favorite of the three soaps reviewed here.  I picked it up at the Santa Cruz Green Market.  You can read about one of my visits here.

I have more than a few other handmade soaps stocked up, so look out for more soap reviews!


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