Tuesday, 31 March 2015

DIY Spring inspired decorated swimsuit tutorial


  Spring has arrived in some parts of the world, while Easter vacation is here for me, an art teacher in sunny old Trinidad and Tobago.  I am usually excited when vacation rolls around, it means I could rest and use my free time for my craft and other creative activities!

I decided to do another tutorial where I decorated a swimsuit to make it look different. 

Here are the tools and materials pictured below:

Materials used:

plastic flowers
fabric glue
a pair of scissors
hot glue gun
glue sticks
plastic leaves.

I started by cutting the stems and leaves from the plastic flowers.  The large plastic flowers were not used because they were attached using wire and I only wanted plastic which would be easier to stick to the swimsuit.

Here are some photos taken while decorating the swimsuit:



                    These are photos of the finished product:

This decorated swimsuit was not made for swimming, of course.  I just enjoy creating and making cute things.

I hope you liked this tutorial,  I thoroughly enjoyed producing this item!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

DIY: simple beach skirt.

                   Summer's warm weather is fast approaching, so it is time to start shopping for lighter clothing.
  If you know how to stitch a straight line, you can also try making this cool and colourful beach skirt.  It will be a convenient item that you can tie over your swimsuit.

Here are the items that you will need:


Sewing machine
2 - 3 yards of lightweight fabric  (I used fabric that is generally used for curtains and tablecloths in my country)
tailor's chalk
1 inch width ribbon (optional)
pair of scissors
measuring tape
pencil and paper to mark measurements
I used a mannequin (this is also optional)

So let's begin.

- Measure your waist and divide this number by two. 
- Measure from your belly button to your knee.  This will be the length of the front of your beach skirt. 
-Measure from your waist in the back to your ankle.  This will be the length of the back of your beach skirt.
-Add half inch for seam allowance to the sides and hem area of the beach skirt.
-Draw out the front and back of skirt on your fabric.  

-Fold your cloth in half so you would get symmetrical pieces.
-Cut out the front and back of the skirt.
Front piece.
-Add 24 inches to each half of waistband measurement that you calculated before.  Those will be the lengths of the two strips of binding for the waist.
The photo below shows the measuring tape lying along the waist area of the front piece:
You can also use the ribbon as a waistband, but I made binding from the fabric for the waist.  If you want a waistband an inch thick, then you need to cut the strips four inches in width. 
-Iron the strips into half (seen in the lower part of the photo below), then into quarters (seen in the upper half of the same photo)
-Iron a half inch hem around all sides of the front and back of skirt EXCEPT the waist area:
-Sew around the sides and hem of both front and back parts of skirt.
-Pin the waist of the front and back parts of skirt to the middle of the binding.  The raw edge of the waist has to fit between the binding like a sandwich.
-Sew the binding to the waist of the front and back of skirt.
The finished product will look like two aprons, as shown in photo below:
Photos of the finished product on the mannequin:
A short video clip shows the finished skirt on the mannequin:
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

St Patrick's day Green Skittles vodka?

I decided that I should at least make something green for St. Patrick's Day: green Skittles vodka.  This recipe was seen on the 'Tipsy Bartender's YouTube channel.

It's quite easy to make.  You get your ingredients together as seen below:


  Separate the green Skittles and place them into the empty glass bottle.  Add enough vodka to cover the skittles.  Do not put too little vodka or you will end up with syrup.


The Skittles dissolve in the vodka pretty quickly, however you can leave it for up to 24 hours if you wish. 

You will need to strain the liquid.

Then you have the finished product.  Perfect for your next St Patrick's day event.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

DIY Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Monday wear


  Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is an extravagant street parade which occurs every year.  People don colourful costumes and parade the streets for two days before Lent. 
                     In recent years, masqueraders are beginning to wear additional casual outfits instead of their costume on Carnival Monday.  These outfits are called 'Carnival Monday wear' or simply, 'Monday wear'.

                   These Monday wear outfits can also be costly because masqueraders may want a one-of-a-kind design.  So yours truly decided that she would design a very simple and affordable outfit which can be worn while cavorting through the streets.

                       The materials needed to make this Monday wear item are as follows:

A swimsuit in any style that you wish.  You can also decide to have a plain or printed swimsuit.

The other materials and tools are pictured above.  Clockwise from the top: a hot glue gun, beads of different sizes and colours, stringed beads, stringed sequins, coloured gems, lace.
This 'Megabond' glue was also used. 
I placed the swimsuit onto a mannequin and set out to work by gluing the materials to the swimsuit. 
If you would like to see how I made the Monday wear, you can click on this link
Here are some other close-up photos of the finished product:
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  Be sure to visit my blog again for new posts. 
You can also have a look at my YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMonearla/videos

Saturday, 7 March 2015

February bargain makeup products!


It's funny how a leisurely stroll at the mall could suddenly turn into a mini shopping expedition. 
 That is exactly what happened to me when I visited my favourite shopping mall this week - my curious gaze was thrown onto a few 'treasures' that I couldn't bear to leave behind.

  I excitedly bought two Jordana baked eye shadows:  Green Mist and Purple Perfection.  I got the green one because I would like to do a St. Patrick's Day makeup tutorial in the near future.

                                   The two eye shadows are pictured below.


And here is the St. Patrick's day makeup tutorial, in case you missed it:

NYX has become one of my brands for eye makeup because of the vibrant colours that seem to give out a clubby-glam vibe.  My selection consisted of Indigo Child and Aurora.  These two shades would be wonderful to use in some smoky eye makeup tutorials.

                                       Here are the NYX eye shadows.

I found a lighter shade of LA Girl Pro Conceal (Almond), so the darker shade that I bought previously could be possibly used in a contouring tutorial.
This is the LA Girl product.
Due to an out of stock product, I had to buy an alternative makeup remover.  I decided to buy DT cold cream.  It removed my makeup so easily, without leaving a greasy film on my face. 
This is what it looks like.
My basket of approximately 40 bottles of nail polish was quickly forgotten as I spied a bright yellow green colour produced by Jordana.  Although it is quite affordable and therefore easier to chip, I simply use a Revlon base coat.  This makes the chip-ready polish last that much longer. 
The name of this nail polish is 'Lemon Tropic' and it is pictured below.
The last two items were lip products.  The first is a Lip balm called Fresco Lip Gelato.  I had never seen or tried it before, but the name was so appealing!  I couldn't resist.  When I tried this lip balm, I realized that it would be sticky unless it was used with another lip balm (I use Blistex religiously).  In addition, the Lip Gelato does not leave an icky residue.  Wonderful.
The Fresco product is pictured below.
The last item is a Rimmel Lasting finish by Kate lipstick.  The sheer pink that greeted me when I swatched was enough to convince me to make the purchase.  Despite the fact that the Rimmel counter was.... difficult.  If you want to hear a little about the 'difficult' Rimmel counter experience, you can check out my February 2015 haul video here 
The Rimmel lipstick is pictured below.
Stay tuned for upcoming makeup tutorial videos featuring some or all of the aforementioned products!