Prom Dress from Hell

This photo is not mine
 US student Malexa Maeweather was stunned when she received this dress the night before Prom.

She paid the designer  a US$100 deposit for a custom made look.  This is what she got.

This photo is not mine

This photo is not mine

This photo is not mine
   This is quite a look.

The designer Kia Wagner stated that the photos didn't do the dress justice.

Wagner added that she asked her client numerous times if this was the look she was going for and her client had always agreed.


  1. No way this is what she wanted. That dress is fugly! Poor girl probably invested all hopes on thia tragic dress.

    1. It was also horrible how the 'designer' waited until it was so close to Prom to deliver that Monstrosity, ugh.


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