Kim Kardashian launches contour sticks to mixed reviews.

This photo is not mine

So Kim K launched her contour sticks and of course, a slew of top beauty influencers were invited to try out her new products.

Since I am obviously not a beauty influencer and I really don't rush out to buy contour products, I viewed some videos and blogs to find out people's opinions.

This photo is not mine

Jackie Aina, a top beauty YouTuber gave her honest review in her video.  She discussed the price ($US48) being too high for the amount of product being offered.

I almost died when she seemed surprised because there was actually a dark contour shade included.  But why be shocked?  I could just picture Kanye interrupting many product development sessions with 'Imma let you finish'.

This photo is not mine

This photo is not mine published a story highlighting the shades which seem to include a wide range of skin tones.  This can be viewed here.

This product seems to have been sold out in minutes, so Kim K fans are patiently waiting on a restock date.


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