How to properly care for wigs, braids and weaves

This photo is not mine

Soooo, we've seen some of these images online :  individuals with hair loss, questionable growths and basically lots of  interesting hair and scalp conditions.

This photo is not mine

How do these 'horror stories' happen?

1.  Leaving sewn - in weaves for too long.

Two to six weeks can be a good time to keep a weave, personally I would prefer four weeks.

The person in the following photo kept theirs on for way too long:

This photo is not mine

2 .  Getting tight braids or a weave.

If you are seeing bumps forming and your edges, nape are crumpled then it would be best to remove the braids or weave.

In addition if you develop a headache from getting your hairdo and said headache lasts 4 or 5 days, you should also remove the hair immediately.

3.  Not washing hair often.

The scalp needs to breathe so regular washing is necessary.  With weaves, your real hair is covered so if it is just covered by sweat and hair products then these need to be washed away.

4.  Neglecting to moisturise your hair and scalp.

When moisturising hair products do not get to the scalp, then you may just be left with dry brittle strands that are more prone to breakage.

Ladies, don't be the one with the crazy looking braids, wigs or weaves.  Healthy hair is beautiful hair.


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