Be Free Foods Organic Grocery review.

 My journey to Be Free Foods Organic Grocery began when I decided to look for healthier food alternatives.  I wanted something to replace and my research led me to a product called nutritional yeast.  You can read a little about this product here.

I was finally directed to the store (in St James) and purchased four items instead of just the one that I was looking for.  The employees were friendly and one showed me around the store to find what I needed.

1.  Harvest Snaps Snapea crisps

Fell in love with this on my last US visit.  Green and crunchy and yum.

    2.  Red Mill Mung Heritage Beans.

I could live on peas/beans and rice - sad but true.  Heard of mung beans so I will be trying to cook this soon.

3.  Bragg Nutritional Yeast Seasoning

I've already tried this in a couple of dishes.  Here is a vegan mac n cheese recipe that uses nutritional yeast by Jamie Oliver.

4.  Organic Happy Rolled Oats.

I like having rolled oats with skimmed milk as a quick breakfast on some mornings.  

If you can, head out to the Be Free Foods Organic Grocery store or check out their Facebook page here


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