'Man, I feel like a Woman!' What International Women's Day means to me.

1.  Knowing that I may get some men mad at me simply because they think that a woman must obey.
2.  If I choose to not be 'chased', 'wooed', 'fu@$ed' because I may not be interested is up to me.
3.  Men who realise that I am single and choose to ask me 'Is that the finger that you does use?' and 'So what do you do in the night when you are feeling horny?' should just be ignored.
4.  Men who seem to be angry because I have a 'Degree' while they do not, see number 3.
5.  A man on the street who flies into a rage because a woman ignores his 'sooot' and tells her that a car should bounce 'way she c#nt, yep, see number 3 and 4.
And last but not least,
6.  When a woman encounters any of the above and smiles.  The man smiles back automatically.
  What he doesn't know - he is the recipient of a 'f8ck' you smile.
Happy International Women's Day!


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