Kyshadow burgundy palette dupes!

As usual, I went through my makeup stash and found some dupes for Kylie Jenner's Burgundy palette.

Yeah, it's just a thing that I like to do.

1. Profusion Runway Glamour eyeshadow Cherry Bloom

This is a rather affordable eyeshadow palette that I bought at a local beauty supply store.  
There are 6 shades which range from a pale pink-ivory color to an almost gunmetal hue.

2.  Arista 6 piece eyeshadow kit.

This palette features a white and two grey hues, as well as a brick red, lilac and blue.

You will find swatches of the originals, dupes and comparisons below:

1. Naked dupe
2.  Beach dupe
3.  Penny dupe
4.  LA dupe
5.  Burgundy dupe
6.  New York dupe

This photo is not mine


Here are affiliate links where you can find some palettes with similar colors:


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