Review: Bh cosmetics Take Me to Brazil eyeshadow palette (with swatches)

I saw other bloggers talking about this palette and I wanted to get one with bright colors to try some Carnival makeup looks.
This 30 shadow palette is made up of varieties of color wheel colors, i.e. different shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.
There are also black and white shadows.
This palette was priced at US$15 on their website

The palette is primarily made up of matte shades.  These mattes are marked with 'M' in the photograph below:

                                              Here are some swatches:

I felt that most of the matte shades were rather chalky.  I had purchased another Bh cosmetics palette previously but it was definitely of a higher quality.

In addition, I also bought countless other palettes of different brands that were much cheaper and more pigmented.

I had used the LA Girl Pro Conceal as an eye primer, but the shadow kept fluttering off and clumping in certain spots.

I will experiment with various other eye primers to see if these shadows perform any better.

You can buy the palette here:


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