Ipsy, Bh cosmetics beauty haul!

I received my last monthly Ipsy packet and my order from Bh cosmetics in January

         The theme for the January Ipsy bag:  Metropolis.  Maybe to promote some sort of 'street glam'                movement? Meh, I dunno.

I've been gazing at this 'Take me to Brazil' palette for approximately one year.  Eventually I said to myself: Ah, just buy the makeup!

    So I did.

           Anyhoo, back to the Ipsy bag.
      This was the card that came in the Ipsy package.

And all the products, most of which I had never heard of before.

1.   Ipsy L34 Blend Beauty.

Loving the lilac handle with the ombre bristles.

2.  Model Co. Peach Bellini blush.

According to the modelcocosmetics website, this blush retails for $US 22.

3.  Mannakadar Beauty Fantasy 3 in 1 blush, highlighter, shadow.

Almost rose gold in appearance.  

4.  F.U.N. nail lacquer.

A nice, shimmery nude gold mix.

5.  Global Beauty Care Dead Sea Wash Off mask.

Product claims to contain salts and minerals from the Dead Sea.


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