Sunday, 29 January 2017

Just a Girl & her Car

So I recently had to visit the mechanic to get some work done on my vehicle.

My stays there are usually for routine servicing and I would go there on weekdays to avoid the customer traffic however, these appointments fell on two Saturdays.

Boy, it was like entering a parallel universe.

There were a couple of men before me, so I said a polite good morning and headed to my little seating area.

First of all, I am minding my own business on my phone and waiting on my turn.  There would be pauses of silence and these customers would just be staring at me as if I were dancing on the hood of my car or something.


There would also be words thrown about such as 'brain box', 'throttle body', 'chassis' & 'brake pads' so I am learning more & more with each visit.

Then came the weird conversations about persons with their skin hanging, head cut off.  They quickly switched to talking about curried duck & where to go to buy the cheapest duck.

Suddenly a boisterous woman walked in and started up a conversation with the men present.  She was actually a travelling fruit vendor with some produce in the hatch of her wagon.

I set out a few hours later with some watermelon & a better behaved vehicle.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Monday, 2 January 2017

New Hair, New Me?

Happy and Healthy New Year greetings to all.  I hope this year grants you peace, positivity and a smorgasbord of other goodies.

Now that we got the sober and half - drunk pleasantries out of the way, this is a time for all and sundry to muster up some resolutions, half - truths and the like.

Me?  Naah.

I stopped making those New Years pledges long time ago.  

It is much easier to take stock of myself each term (school term, that is) and do what needs to be done starting with the first day of the following term.

The piles of paper that end up swamping my desk by the third week of every term?

The carefully - prepared salads/ brown rice and chicken breasts that morph somehow into roti/macaroni pie/leftover KFC lunches?
On it.

The 'can-do, will-do' attitude that leans precariously toward 'do it yuh dyam self'' mutterings in a semi-isolated corner of the office?
Work in progress.

So let's talk about meh hair a lil bit.
It has been completely natural for two years  and I am very proud that I kept that 'resolution'.

I definitely have some 'hair stories' to tell here on my blog,  it has been a helluva hair journey.

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                                                      Peace.   And hair grease?