Review: LA Colors Liquid Makeup Black Walnut

I had already been using LA Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup and loved the versatility of its lightweight, smooth finish and easy application for daily work wear.

Then I happened to spy the LA Colors brand on a trip to one of the local beauty stores and decided to try it.

This product comes in a tapered plastic bottle, complete with a convenient pump.  It is lightly scented and this product can be a substitute for brown powder or can be worn under brown powder.

I used it for a couple of weeks.  Its creamy consistency can be applied with a cosmetic wedge.

Although it looked smooth on my face, a slightly oily sheen would appear after a couple hours of wear.  Then I would have to keep reapplying setting powder.

I would have to recommend this product for persons with dry skin.  


  1. I use to have this and must say it's a prety good foundation. I love LA girl products.


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