Top 10 Back to School items!

School is back in session!

Well, at least for some of us.   

If you are like me and still have a couple more weeks of vacation left, here are 10 must - buy items for Back to School:

1.  Calendar

How else will you know when horrendous Miss Hendricks' homework assignments are due?
That 'dog ate it' excuse can only work for so long, folks.

2.  Planner

Keep yourself organised with projects, study sessions, chores and more.  Just jot down everything in your handy, shiny planner and you're all set.

                                                       3. Craft items

Let's face it: some of us can't craft our way out of a paper bag.  However, art and craft can be a stress-relieving elective that can be relatively easy to pass.  So stock up on your craft stuff and Picasso your way to good grades.

4.  Sticker notes

These are very useful as bookmarks during strenuous study sessions and important message holders.

                                                           5.  Notebook

   Well, duh.  Where are you gonna write all those important course notes?  You can get trendy and get a nifty hounds tooth patterned one as seen above.

                                                     6.  Tags and labels

Use these to label books, pencil cases, your crush, whatever.

                                                           7.  Mechanical pencils

                                     When you're too cool for a sharpener.

                                                          8. Pens

From gel to ball point, these are beyond necessary in the schoolroom scenario.

                                                                9.  Stylus

For the techies.  Or when the gel mani is making finger swiping a little difficult.

10.  Calculator

   When you need to add up your cafeteria tab.  Or anything else.

These items were purchased at the following stores:

 Dollar Tree


  1. Great back to school items. I've gone back to school and I am exhausted. What a week. I wish I had two more weeks of staying at home and lazying around. Sadly I dont. Have a fantastic weekend beautiful.

    1. I start next week! Hope you are having a great week!


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