Vegan-friendly Review: EatSmart, Orgain, Curate, Ecos (Influenster Sprout VoxBox)

  I tried out my Influenster Sprout Vox Box items and did quick reviews on each of them.,

I received these complimentary items for testing, all opinions are my own.

                                                     EatSmart Spicy black bean tortilla chips. 

  Its appearance is light brown and angular, with little dark spots of flavour.  The scent is similar to black pepper and salsa.  The chips have a spicy lightly salted taste, with a dash of beans and onions.
 It is low fat and contains whole grain.  I would recommend to anyone interested in snacking while on a weight loss, keep fit journey.

Curate snack bar, Dark and Tempting flavor

This snack bar has a nutty scent, is dasrk brown and resembles oats.  It tastes like fig, then nutty.  You also get a semi sweet citrus taste.  The bar is soft and chewy.  I didn't like the taste; this would not be a snack that I would reach for regularly.  However it is good for the health-conscious.

                                                    Ecos hypoallergenic laundry detergent

The detergent is clear and liquid in appearance.  Its scent is similar to a freshly washed, linen scent.  After I used it in a load of laundry, the garments were soft, with no sudsy residue.

Ecos is formaldehyde and dye free. PH balanced and made from plant extracts.

                                                 Orgain organic protein plant based powder

Light brown and milky in appearance when mixed.  Vanilla flavored and semi sweet.  The taste was pleasant, I like the fact that it was not overly sweet.
 This protein powder contains organic fibre, chia, amino acids and is doctor approved.
Great for health enthusiasts.


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