Beauty haul (March to May)

Heyyyy, what's good?
It's been such a looong time since I posted a monthly beauty haul on my blog, so I just squished three months of stuff into this post right here.

My restriction on beauty purchases seems to be going well, seven new items in three months?  Yaaassss.

Let's see what we bought, shall we?

1.  LA Girl Creme lipstick Infatuated

This is a red orange shade.  I was so used to trying out products from this brand so I said what the hey and picked up a couple of shades.  The other shade that I purchased is called Sinful.

2.  LA Colors color craze gel like polish Daring

I have the grey shade of this nail polish (Dazzling) and found it looked shiny and cute on my nails so I bought two other shades.  They are also really affordable.

3.  NYX matte lipstick Merlot.

I really like the subtle shimmer of NYX eyeshadows and the quality is not bad for the price, so I decided to try their nude colored matte lipstick.

4.  NYX soft matte lip cream Transylvania.

Didn't even know NYX had this.  I didn't open this but I am assuming from the name of the shade that it could be a dark, vampy color.

5.  Kleancolor femme lipstick Jewelry Box.

It's bright.
It's blue.
Actually bought it for an upcoming YouTube video which would highlight experimental lip colors.

6.  LA Colors color craze gel like polish Socialite.

Pink is one of my preferred colors, although I try not to highlight it in my apparel too much (I aint exactly a teenager, after all lol).  This magenta-like shade is not too Barbie girly so meh, it should pass.

7.  Victoria Vogue cosmetic sponges.  

So we need cosmetic sponges.  Nuff said.

8.  Pop beauty eye magnet shade eye shadow Mellow Yellow, Glazed Gold

This brand is made in the UK and is also pretty affordable.  I usually buy their lip gloss and eye shadow items.

9.  Jordana matte lipstick Fiery Coral.


I have sooo many Jordana lipsticks, these mattes are pretty difficult to find in my area so when I see a new shade, I usually buy it.

10.  Jordana forever flawless pressed powder Warm Amber.

 I used Jordana's other pressed powder so I am new to this 'forever flawless' bit.

11.  Profusion Runway Glamour eye shadow.

I usually use brands like this one for Halloween makeup looks, They are slightly shimmery, four of which are coppery and the other two resemble gunmetal and white beach sand respectively.

12. Adoro cosmetics Pumping bottle.

I bought this bottle to place my toner for easy access with my cotton pads.  Open cap, place cotton pad on circular disc and press.  The toner liquid will rise through the disc to be soaked into your cotton.

13.  Glycerine and rose water.

I usually alternate between this concoction and Cher Mere toner mixed with witch hazel for use as toner during my face cleansing routine.

14.  Cara Mia liquid matte foundation Cappuccino.

Cara Mia, made in Trinidad and Tobago, can be listed as one of the cosmetic brands that I seldom use.  I dabbled in their powders practically a decade ago, but since I squeezed myself into the YouTube and blogging beauty business I am going to try their foundation.

I like experimenting with the colors and textures of different makeup brands, waiting to see what this month will bring.


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