10 hacks for the frugal socialite

Photo of Georgia May Jagger courtesy www.trendhunter.com

So you wanna jetset and live in luxury?  Cars, clothes and epic vacations!  Except for one thing: you don't have the trust fund allowance *sad face*

  Don't fear!  Here are ten tips that will help you save big bucks while sashaying down your personal runway like Kim K.

   1.  Buy hot drink mixes and make your own drinks

Face it, who has the money to buy frappes, lattes and chai at those prices?  Gather some friends and mix your own drinks at home!  Twice the fun at half the price. 

 2.  Try more makeup dupes

Those designer cosmetics can set you back a pretty penny and some can even cause you to break out.  Some of the lower end makeup brands come out with shades that are imitations of the more exclusive ones.  Experiment with some of these and you just may find bargains that work as well as the pricier brands.

3.  Use discount cards and coupons   


There's no shame in using discount cards and coupons.  Who knows, those extra coins can add to your annual vacation budget.

 4.  You don't need the most recent technology

Photo www.samsung.com

As I write this, social media is flooded with ads for the new Samsung S7.  Me?  No thanks.  I am quite happy with my S3 mini. I believe in buying pricy gadgets only if they have the potential to help me earn money. 

 5.  Take selfies in the best lighting

Photo www.cartoonstock.com

What do selfies have to do with anything?  If taken in correct lighting, you can look like a million bucks (even if you don't have a million bucks).

6.  DIY your hair and skin care recipes

Tomatoes make a great mask for oily skin, coconut oil can be used as a hot oil treatment for dry hair and baking soda paste is an efficient skin scrub.  

 7.  Netflix and what?

Movie and popcorn money?  You can cuddle up and watch Netflix content while chomping on some microwave popcorn.

8.  Get free samples

I received these samples for feedback and review at www.pinchme.com 

Sign up for samples such as Pinchme to receive samples and give feedback.  Many companies would like to know people's opinions on their products and are willing to provide samples to willing participants.

9.  Shop at discount shopping  centers

Wholesale stores offer bulk items at reduced prices.  This is perfect for large families looking to save on their food bill.

10.  Online shopping

Online stores are so convenient and can save you the hassle of driving to the mall to rifle through countless clothing racks.  You can even shop at the more affordable online stores for more savings.  You spend less gas, use less energy and have more time for important errands.

Try these tips and you will find that you are saving more as time passes.


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