RackedTT IV, Chai & sushi?

Date: 29th November, 2015
Venue: Hotel Normandie.

I found out that this RacKedTT event was actually one in a sort of series, which means I kinda missed the first couple of events. 
Better late than never, right?

So anyway, this event was a day long affair, with breakfast and a preview, followed by mingling among the designer displays.  Well, since I found out about this event very late, I didn't attend the breakfast and I arrived in the evening.

Hotel Normandie has always been a cool place to visit for me. I liked visiting 1234 Art gallery and my 6th form Grad ball was held there. 


The RacKed event is a fashion showcase where fashion designers come together to display and sell their creations.  There were also some food and craft items on display.

MONK items on display at hotel.  This was not a part of the RackedTT event.

I spoke to one of the designers there,  Lush Kingdom  http://www.thelushkingdom.com/ and had to agree with him when he stated that persons attending this event were more interested and purchased more than at another local event that I choose not to mention.

I am a supporter of buying local, so it was especially heartwarming to see engaging customers at this event.

After the event, I went to one of my favorite places (sanctuary much?)  to have a sip.

 Since I was in the area, why not order some sushi?


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