Makeup remover wipes review?

We all know what a colossal sin it is to sleep in makeup - it clogs pores and can irritate sensitive skin.
So it is important to get a reliable method of makeup removal.

I tried quite a few makeup wipes and liquid makeup removers, here is a review of the three most recent items that I tried.

1.  Neutrogena deep clean oil - free makeup remover cleansing wipes.

The Neutrogena wipes were moisturizing, however I usually had to use two or more wipes just to take off an average work makeup look.  Three or four would have to be used to take off a 'night out' or tutorial set of makeup. 
This was also the most expensive of the three brands reviewed here.

2.  Perfect Purity facial cleansing and make-up remover towelettes.

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These were more affordable than the Neutrogena wipes.  The wipes got lathery, something I realized when I placed the wipe under a light stream of water.  I used one wipe on average for light work makeup however they were rather drying. 

3.  Huggies One & Done refreshing wipes.

These are my current wipes (they are obviously baby wipes and not makeup remover wipes). It doesn't dry out my skin and it is thick enough so I can use one wipe.  I will be sticking with this brand for now, since it works well for the price (these Huggies wipes are more affordable than Neutrogena but more expensive than Perfect Purity).


  1. Spot on! I use Huggies as well, it's affordable and does the job...


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