DIY crafts using toner cartridge packaging?

I enjoy recycling items as well as crafting.

So when I saw some colleagues about to throw away some interesting looking toner cartridge packaging, I decided to save them to create something new.

Items used:

Toner cartridge packaging
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Glitter dust
Spray paint
Multi purpose glue
Poster board
Corrugated cardboard approx. 1 sq ft


 1.  Wrap the poster board over the cardboard and glue the folded edges.

2.  Use spray paint to cover the cartridge packaging. I used 2 coats of spray paint

3.  Apply glue in desired design on cartridge packaging.

4.  Sprinkle glitter dust on the glue while it is still wet.

5.  Use hot glue gun to attach cartridge packaging to poster board covered cardboard.

6.  Stick some fake flowers all in there. Your crafting is done!


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