Brasso Seco trip.

 I stumbled upon this facebook event on the 'Brasso Seco Paria TAC' fb page and decided to attend.  I had never been to Brasso Seco (as far as I could remember) so I grabbed my church friend sidekick and off we went.


My daily commute to work includes a long, winding forest road.  However I was definitely not prepared for the Brasso Seco drive.  It was long, the road narrowed at times and there were motorists speeding around corners.  Who could forget the vehicle with the inquisitive men and beer bottles hanging out of the windows.  As I gingerly drove past said vehicle, one of them shouted 'Gyul don't come back up here again eh!'

Ah.  Sweet T and T.

We finally arrived rather late because an earlier incident in the day caused us to leave home a couple hours after the intended time.

There were stalls with items on sale, events for kids and cultural displays.  This event was hosted by the Brasso Seco Paria Tourism Action Committee.  According to the brochure I received, the TAC hosts field trips, provides a Visitor Centre and Brasso Seco boasts of coffee and cacao products that are available at selected stores.  Who knew?

Smoked chicken lunch.

Display of cocoa.

Fireside (?)

This was an informative event.  I am looking forward to attending others like this so I can learn more about my country.


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