December beauty haul


   Picked up a few cosmetic items that I am hoping would help out my minor makeuppy issues:

 1. MAC cosmetics Prep and Prime Fix+

A good friend of mine advised oh so long ago that I should try this product to set my makeup longer.  Especially at work, where we teachers have hot classrooms and my hot Art room.  I hope this helps.
In addition, I looked at some YouTube videos and discovered that this can also be spritzed onto your makeup brush before you apply eye shadows.  They say it results in more vivid shadow pigments. 

2. Revlon Brow Fantasy pencil and gel. 

 Strangely enough, I received an adequate pair of eyelashes naturally.  However, my eyebrows seem to be late bloomers. So I decided to give this product a try.  I can use the pencil to draw in parts of my brows, then use the gel to brush them in one direction.

3. Sacha mattifier face primer.

I also got this primer to try out in my hot situations.

4.  Ruby Kisses 3D face creator .

I picked this up after seeing this in Wonderful World for a long while.  I'm assuming (yeah I know about the assuming thing) that this is some sort of contour palette.  This would be cool to use for those fancy heels and dress types of social events or my YouTube makeup tutorials.

5.  Nicka K HD concealer.

These seem to be similar to the LA Girl Pro Conceal HD concealers (which I had two tubes of - they went bad, WW doesn't have my shade so I was forced to find replacements).  Maybe they will work as well as their LA Girl counterparts?

6.  Cosmetic organizing trays.

I found these in IAM, decidedly cheaper versions of what I had seen previously in Home Land Furnishings.  I decided to move my liquid and cream makeup products to a cooler area of my apartment so this tray was handy.  My tray now holds 16 lip items and 4 face products.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog posts!


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