DIY Fall home decor

Although I live on a Caribbean island, I like to observe seasonal changes and all the trends that go with it.  I also love crafting so I decided to make a couple of fall - themed craft items.

Materials and instructions are as follows:


Collect a corrugated cardboard box, a bamboo mat, cut another box in an L shape.

You need wood glue, regular white glue, box cutter/craft knife (the other materials shown here were not used).

Fake flowers, craft sticks, Krylon clear coating.

Wrapping paper, spray adhesive, Megabond all-purpose glue.


Start by sticking the bamboo mat to the L shaped cardboard.

Cover the corrugated cardboard box with wrapping paper.

Attach the flowers to bamboo mat.  I used them to spell 'FALL'. Cover other part of L shape with wrapping or other colored paper.

Stick L shaped cardboard to the corrugated cardboard that was covered in wrapping paper.

Attach craft sticks to edge of corrugated cardboard box.

Spray with Krylon clear coating to repel dust. Finished DIY Fall home décor item.

This can be placed on a mantle or vanity table.  It can be used to hold small house items around the house.
 This can also be a fun activity in crafting class. 
See you all in my next post!


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