July beauty haul

This month has been rather toned down in the makeup haul department.

How did I collect so many soaps?

My items are seen below:

Two of these palettes contain very bright colors, perfect for a night time clubby look.  The third palette is more muted and smoky - this one can be worn for daytime.

I bought this Elf spray before, so I tend to buy one whenever I see that it is available.

The Frozen illustrations caught me, I don't even know if that nail polish is for kids or adults.
I'm still gonna try it.
The LA Girl Spice blush was on sale for a couple of months.  I decided to finally buy it so I could try it out later.

Jolly Rancher and Crayola - what more can I say?  There is a Wet n Wild lipstick in the middle.  Those lipsticks are popular and usually scarce.

I picked up these soaps at various craft markets. One is made with mango, one with lemongrass.  Three of them are homemade and products of Trinidad and Tobago. 


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