Makeup haul: June 2015

I really like looking for more affordable makeup and experimenting with them - it is more interesting than just buying all the higher end items.
So, new monthend, more products.
My first two products are the LA Girl Smoky eyeshadow collection and a smaller size of LA Girl eyeshadows that are more brightly coloured.
You can see a tutorial using the Smoky collection here:
I also bought an Arista 6 piece eye shadow set and Rimmel Scandaleyes waterproof gel eyeliner.  The Arista pigments are matte and heavily pigmented. 
Maybe I will try the eyeliner in a future tutorial.
This Santee makeup kit is extremely affordable however, it is surprisingly heavily pigmented.
The case even opens up to show 6 blushes and 5 more eye shadow shades on its lower 'floor'.
The Sacha Pure Envy Glitters will definitely be used for a glam look.
I was distracted once again by bright colors, so I bought the City Color Intense Shine eye shadow set.  Cala's eye shadow brush is synthetic but soft and fluffy.  Perfect for blending.
This blusher set  by Beauty Treats contains maybe about 4 usable colors however, there is always room for experimentation.
Rouane's Paradise Pink lipstick reminded me of a MAC lipstick that I got a couple months ago, I would love to compare them.
When I saw this makeup collection by NYX, I immediately thought of a vampire or other dark tutorial look.  I later found out that this collection was released a couple years ago with the 'Dark Shadows' movie.
So I guess I missed that movie.
This set has 24 eye shadows, 4 lip creams, an eye shadow base, a liquid eyeliner, a highlighter and about 4 blush colors.
The Arista Matte sensation lipstick is a berry shade - a type of color to which I seem to be attracted.
Halloween is coming up in a couple of months, That NYX collection will definitely be useful then.
Look out for more makeup picks next month! 


  1. So many palettes and so many beautiful eyeshadow shades :) xx Maja

  2. I love to explore with new products as well and not get stuck in the runt with the big brands. These look very vibrant and hopefully they are as pigmented as they are colorful. Enjoy your finds girl.

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  3. The love heart blusher palette is absolutely adorable! I'm loving the look of everything you got! xx


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