How I stay slim? Supermarket haul.


People usually ask about what I eat, where does it all go, why are you so slim, blah blah etc. 
  So I decided to just post a little information on how I do it.

These are typical ingredients and food that I buy at the supermarket.


I mostly get bananas - they are more filling and are great for smoothies.  Sometimes I would also buy strawberries, apples or even fruit salad.


It's always good to have some veggies handy.  In addition to cooking them in meals, they can also be steamed or roasted for a quick snack.

Peas and beans.

I am a serious peas lover.  Lentils, red beans and I have recently taken to cooking fava beans.

                                    Jasmine rice and couscous.

I prefer jasmine rice and brown rice.  Plain rice makes eating tedious, I'm just saying.  Couscous is surprisingly filling.


                                  Fish...lots of it.

      I try to eat a lot of fish and turkey. My favorite is swai.  I used to eat a lot of tilapia but I saw quite a few negative reports so I stopped buying it. Chicken seems to be the 'default' meat in Trinidad and Tobago but I really can't just be eating chicken all day.
 In addition, I don't eat meat every day.

                                     Salad ingredients.

            Who loves salad?  Not me.
I only eat the crunchy green crap because I grew up hearing how good vegetables are for you.  When I order food at a restaurant I would take the side of salad. 
However, if you see me gobbling up a salad, I am usually screaming inside.

My next How I Stay Slim post would include some home cooked meal ideas.                                 


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