'Help! I suck at hair. Tips, tricks and insider secrets for the hair-challenged': a book review.

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I've had hair 'issues' all my life.
    From relaxed hair, to a couple of 'big chops', then finally to a personal decision to stick with (and tolerate) the naturally kinky texture that God had so lovingly placed on my head.
    So I was most pleased to take up the offer of reading and reviewing a book which was written by a fellow so-called 'hair-challenged', Cailyn Koy.
     Cailyn is a beauty blogger and author.  Her most recent publication chronicles her activities that take her from 'tress-ful' and anxious, to confident ability to care for her hair with ease.
     This book contains various sections which pertain to styling, cutting, coloring and caring for hair.


    The styling section talks about tools and products that can be used to straighten and blow-dry hair.  Wavy and curly styling are also discussed.  The use and types of hair extensions are also highlighted.  In addition, there are tutorials on formal coifs such as the Fountain and the Baroque.


Cailyn's book also advises on the appropriate haircuts for different hair textures.  One can discover how to trim one's own hair and even cut bangs!


This is not my photo.


I didn't even know that there were different types of dyes that stayed in hair for varying lengths of time (I didn't know my 'semi' from my 'demi' - until now).  You can also read on how to care for color-treated hair and grab some wonderful tips for redheads.


    The care section advises on keeping hair healthy.  The importance of deep-conditioning is included.  This section is especially for you ladies who don't condition your hair at all, preferring to sport the frizzy, Labradoodle look.
        It's not cute.

This is not my photo,

'Help!  I suck at hair' is infused with heavy doses of humor and sarcasm.  It is a generally enjoyable read. 

You can go to http://sassydove.com/ for information on how to obtain your very own copy of this enticing book.


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