Fashion Focus at HOME.TT - Why I'm pissed.

Fashion Focus, a designer showcase and public networking event, was held on Sunday 12th July 2015.
  This affair was held at HOME.TT in St. Clair.  I would have to say it is a rather 'stush' looking building, some photos can be seen below:

There were a few businesses other than designers who had set up booths.  These included Bmobile and Olay:

There were also some designers with displays of clothing and accessories, which are shown here:

Some designers participated in the live mannequin show.  They included CLD Charu Lochan Dass, Neha Karina, Honamic Designs and Bene Caribe.

You can view those designs here:


Why I'm pissed.

I felt a market vibe as soon as I walked into the space at around two pm.  Since I'm a blogger, I came  for the 'Public Networking' time that was allotted to creatives, patrons, enthusiasts, bloggers and photographers according to Fashion Focus' Order of Events.

Seems like I was early.

In short, I saw designers being made to set up their creations like vegetables on a stall and wait for the odd customer.

This definitely made me NOT regret running far, far away from that particular local fashion qualification, ahem.

Let me clear my throat.

This blog post is not set out to even begin to try to solve or explain the current local fashion dilemma.
So let's just continue to look at some pictures, shall we?




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