My workout wear wishlist!

So it is basically a couple of months away from the summer season.  On the Caribbean island where I reside, this means an abundance of beach parties.  That is when I realized that I kinda, sorta, conveniently forgot to go running for five whole months.


The hunt for trendy workout wear begins!

I checked out Next website to have a look at some cute sporty pieces.  You can follow this link to see their items  :

My present leggings collection consists of solid greys, blacks and beiges so I was quite happy to spy this hot floral striped number:

Sports bras are so important, they provide the necessary support when the tough gets going.  I saw one that would be perfect for jogging and high - impact sports here  You can also visit our Bra Fit guide to ensure maximum support:

A good pair of trainers or sneakers will prevent damage to your extremities while you move around.  I saw a pink Nike pair and fell in love.  See here:

  I will be fit and trending on the jogging track very soon, can't wait!
   What are your favourite sportwear items from Next?


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