DIY: simple beach skirt.

                   Summer's warm weather is fast approaching, so it is time to start shopping for lighter clothing.
  If you know how to stitch a straight line, you can also try making this cool and colourful beach skirt.  It will be a convenient item that you can tie over your swimsuit.

Here are the items that you will need:


Sewing machine
2 - 3 yards of lightweight fabric  (I used fabric that is generally used for curtains and tablecloths in my country)
tailor's chalk
1 inch width ribbon (optional)
pair of scissors
measuring tape
pencil and paper to mark measurements
I used a mannequin (this is also optional)

So let's begin.

- Measure your waist and divide this number by two. 
- Measure from your belly button to your knee.  This will be the length of the front of your beach skirt. 
-Measure from your waist in the back to your ankle.  This will be the length of the back of your beach skirt.
-Add half inch for seam allowance to the sides and hem area of the beach skirt.
-Draw out the front and back of skirt on your fabric.  

-Fold your cloth in half so you would get symmetrical pieces.
-Cut out the front and back of the skirt.
Front piece.
-Add 24 inches to each half of waistband measurement that you calculated before.  Those will be the lengths of the two strips of binding for the waist.
The photo below shows the measuring tape lying along the waist area of the front piece:
You can also use the ribbon as a waistband, but I made binding from the fabric for the waist.  If you want a waistband an inch thick, then you need to cut the strips four inches in width. 
-Iron the strips into half (seen in the lower part of the photo below), then into quarters (seen in the upper half of the same photo)
-Iron a half inch hem around all sides of the front and back of skirt EXCEPT the waist area:
-Sew around the sides and hem of both front and back parts of skirt.
-Pin the waist of the front and back parts of skirt to the middle of the binding.  The raw edge of the waist has to fit between the binding like a sandwich.
-Sew the binding to the waist of the front and back of skirt.
The finished product will look like two aprons, as shown in photo below:
Photos of the finished product on the mannequin:
A short video clip shows the finished skirt on the mannequin:
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!



  1. Fabulous! You got skills girl. I used to know how many years ago, I feel like I can still do it but I just don't practice. The skirt turned out so good, Kudos!

    1. Thanks a lot Idu, trying to let my creative juices flow! Your blog posts are rather inspiring, I look forward to viewing them.


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