MAC attack?!

                                    My first MAC cosmetics experience.

One day last week, I finally decided to buy my first MAC product.  I heard about the brand multiple times, however its 'interesting' price and intimidating stores both helped to keep me safely in my NYX/Revlon zone.
I breezed into one of their stores and was most relieved to see an old classmate working there.  She answered my questions and I was then allowed to examine the products.
After much deliberation, I decided on MAC's Violetta Amplified Crème lipstick.  I chose that colour because it was not like any of the burgundy, orange and dark pink lip products that I currently own.
I 'swatched' it and fell in love.  Wow.  The colour was rich, vibrant and I quickly quelled the thought that I was overspending during Lent (but that's a whole other blog post right there).

When I got home, I tried it and kept it on to see how long it would last. 
I kept it on for four hours, having meals and snacks. 
This was wonderful!  I would definitely buy more lip products and can't wait to try their eye shadows!
I also filmed a YouTube makeup tutorial using this lipstick.  Here it is:

                  Stay tuned for my next MAC adventure!


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