I made Bbq Bacon Sushi...well, sort of.

I made Bbq Bacon Sushi...well, sort of.

I spied this recipe on a friend's fb page.  The video was found on COOK WITH MEAT'S You Tube account. 

My ingredients:  turkey bacon, tuna, seasoning, ketchup, a sushi mat, cheese.

1.  Lay the bacon strips parallel to each other on the sushi mat.

2.  Spread the seasoned tuna on the bacon.
3.  Add cheese on tuna.
 4.  Roll everything up carefully with the use of the sushi mat.

5.  Place roll to bake for 20 minutes at 365 degrees Farenheit.  Baste roll with ketchup or bbq sauce.  Place in oven for 5 more minutes.
6.  Remove roll and allow to cool.  Cut each piece carefully to about an inch width.
7.  Serve.  Gobble.  Repeat. 
This was a heavenly dish.  The bacon flavor seeps into all the other ingredients allowing for a divine experience.  Tuna could be replaced by other minced meats such as chicken or beef.  Different cheeses can also be used. 
And noooo, I did not share!


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