Saturday, 28 February 2015

MAC attack?!

                                    My first MAC cosmetics experience.

One day last week, I finally decided to buy my first MAC product.  I heard about the brand multiple times, however its 'interesting' price and intimidating stores both helped to keep me safely in my NYX/Revlon zone.
I breezed into one of their stores and was most relieved to see an old classmate working there.  She answered my questions and I was then allowed to examine the products.
After much deliberation, I decided on MAC's Violetta Amplified Crème lipstick.  I chose that colour because it was not like any of the burgundy, orange and dark pink lip products that I currently own.
I 'swatched' it and fell in love.  Wow.  The colour was rich, vibrant and I quickly quelled the thought that I was overspending during Lent (but that's a whole other blog post right there).

When I got home, I tried it and kept it on to see how long it would last. 
I kept it on for four hours, having meals and snacks. 
This was wonderful!  I would definitely buy more lip products and can't wait to try their eye shadows!
I also filmed a YouTube makeup tutorial using this lipstick.  Here it is:

                  Stay tuned for my next MAC adventure!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Trinidad and Tobago Traditional Carnival character parade 2015 photos.

               Trinidad and Tobago

    Traditional Carnival character parade    2015 photos

Dame Lorraine


Riddim section
Truck on de road



Dame Lorraine

The Bookman

Blue Devil

Moko Jumbie

Warao boat people

You can also look at a collage tutorial on another character, the Pierrot Grenade, here:



Sunday, 15 February 2015

I made Bbq Bacon Sushi...well, sort of.

I made Bbq Bacon Sushi...well, sort of.

I spied this recipe on a friend's fb page.  The video was found on COOK WITH MEAT'S You Tube account. 

My ingredients:  turkey bacon, tuna, seasoning, ketchup, a sushi mat, cheese.

1.  Lay the bacon strips parallel to each other on the sushi mat.

2.  Spread the seasoned tuna on the bacon.
3.  Add cheese on tuna.
 4.  Roll everything up carefully with the use of the sushi mat.

5.  Place roll to bake for 20 minutes at 365 degrees Farenheit.  Baste roll with ketchup or bbq sauce.  Place in oven for 5 more minutes.
6.  Remove roll and allow to cool.  Cut each piece carefully to about an inch width.
7.  Serve.  Gobble.  Repeat. 
This was a heavenly dish.  The bacon flavor seeps into all the other ingredients allowing for a divine experience.  Tuna could be replaced by other minced meats such as chicken or beef.  Different cheeses can also be used. 
And noooo, I did not share!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

How to have an EPIC daycation! Tobago in a day.

How to have an EPIC daycation!  Tobago in a day.

The word 'daycation' is defined as a day trip or a one day vacation.  With all the pressures of kids, careers, errands and the like,  this is an easy stress-relieving remedy that can fit into a weekend or an off day from work.

Here's a great 'to do' list for a wonderful vacation experience:

                                            1.  Pack a small or medium sized bag.

You should include a change of clothing, personal items, travel documents if you plan to travel.  In addition,  see the Charmin in the photo above?  Please don't go traipsing off anywhere without leTP.

2.   Dress comfortably.

Unless you are planning to go to an ultra-formal event or business trip, comfy jeans and footwear are your best bets.  It is advisable to walk with a scarf or shawl, throw it on when faced with chilly buildings/planes/ferries etc.

3.  Start off the day with a delicious beverage.

Relax and sip while you plan the day ahead.  Figure out how many sights you can manage with the amount of time you have!  Why didn't this branch have wifi?  Oh, well.

4.  Withdraw a little money.

Approach the nearest ATM and withdraw the least amount of cash that you may need for public transport and food.  Walk with a debit card for more expensive items.

5.  Apply sunscreen.

Who wants to be reminiscing about a wonderful daycation while nursing burnt skin?  Yeah, I thought so.  Pile it on because you may spend hours under those rays.

6.  Shop a little.

Drop into a couple shopping malls.  Experience what the stores have to offer.
Look at the following video to see some of the accessories that I bought at the shopping mall:

7.  Take a (legal) risk.

I decided to try an energy drink that I have never before seen:
Maybe this is your idea of a risk:
If so, go for it.

8.  Have lunch, enjoy it.

You will need your energy to explore the sights and participate in any activities.  An individual passed and told me that I should try the 'green bottle'.

9.  Enjoy the sights.


10. Get up close and personal with at least one body of water.

I was lucky enough to experience two bodies of water:

11.  Catch a movie.

We watched a movie called 'Project Almanac' - a teenage romance sci-fi like film.  Epileptics and migraine sufferers beware.

12.  View some aspect of local culture such as art.

Be sure to enjoy every moment of your brief fling with relaxation.  The next time you hear an airplane in the sky, you will look up, smile and remember great memories.