Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Egyptian stencilled painting

I did a research project about Egyptian tomb paintings.  The assignment included making a stencil print of one of the paintings.

I chose to do this painting:

This is not my photograph

I started by making lots of stencils to print the men, the moon etc.

Masking tape was used to retain the brown cotton's original colour in some areas.
I used dye extracted brown cotton and added blue fabric paint to represent the night sky:

I put a couple of Egyptian symbols on both sides of the painting.

I started to put the seated men, using the different stencils.

I peeled off the masking tape to reveal the original fabric colour in some areas.
The finished piece:

Monday, 21 April 2014

Sewing a dress for church

In September this year students in my fashion design class are supposed to start sewing actual garments, so I usually sew stuff for practice (my stitches can look like a frolicking grasshopper).  I made a simple dress for Easter Sunday service, process photos are placed below.

My fabrics: kiana, stretch cotton(?), a type of embroidered linen, chiffon and printed polyester cotton.

My patterns are in the photo below:

I cut out the bodice part from the linen. I also cut out an underdress from the kiana fabric. Sleeves were cut out also, as seen in the upper left corner but they were not used:

The chiffon fabric was folded into quarters and cut out to form a circle.

The two parts of the bodice back are sewn together at a line half inch from the edge (The pair of scissors indicates the line).

Side seams are then sewn.

Shoulder seams are sewn:

Chiffon material is basted and gathered at the waist.

The photo above shows the preparation to attach the blouse to the skirt ('Blouse an' skerrt!').

The blouse and skirt were basted together so that the elastic could be attached (elastic is a life - saver, I tell you!).

Photo documentation is missing here because I was busy directing some choice words at the chiffon fabric.  The finished outfit :

I am very proud of myself because I never tried formal fabrics before.  Some of the stitching is like whoa but I believe practice makes better.  So I continue my sewing quest :)

Sunday, 13 April 2014

      Sewing curtains

I decided to make some living room curtains for Christmas 2013 using brown cotton and printed polyester cotton material.
I tie - dyed the brown cotton and got an unexpected colour, so I just went out afterwards and bought the printed polyester cotton to match the tie - dyed brown cotton. In the photo below, the tie - dyed fabric is above while the printed polyester cotton is below.

Then I measured the two different types of fabric to get similar widths.  They were pinned together before sewing.

The pieces were sewn together.


I hemmed around the edges of each curtain and sewed the folds on top so the curtain rod can fit through.  The finished product is seen below: