A painting of houseplants

Took a photograph of some houseplants at the side of the house and decided to paint from that photo.  I started by drawing and painting the wall in the background:
Then I started to add lighter hues on the wall, as well as the plants in the background:
 Next, I painted the other houseplants, from the furthest to the nearest:
Finished painting:
Well I have to say that I really surprised myself with this painting, thought it wasn't too bad at all. However, I don't like those three stupid stalks in the background and I think that the painting was rather dark. In addition, that plant in the third plant pot was really starting to annoy me; at one point while I was painting, I muttered under my breath: this m+#$&r c*#t plant. Well anyway, I am finished now and will continue to practise. Yayy me!


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