Saturday, 31 March 2012

Girls' night out

A 'last day of the school term' celebration was quickly planned.  We wanted to visit a 'liming spot on the Avenue.  So I organized and laid out my outfit:

Finished makeup and outfit:

I had a great time!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I stumbled across old greeting cards, letters from my good friend Tricia, even a letter from an old Egyptian penpal!  So I decided to make a scrapbook with these old treasures.
I must say that although I only started scrapbooking last week, I am already hooked!  My equipment and materials were feverishly bought and collected:

The photo that follows shows a page that I am working on:

This has proven to be a fun and relaxing process, while producing an attractive way of displaying momentos, photographs and souvenirs :)

I like painting from nature...

Hey, everyone.  I managed to get some photos of paintings that I completed during the past few weeks, so here goes:

The photo above is a still life painting of two dried coconuts and a very small cactus in a plant pot.  I decided to focus on warm colours on the coconuts and the pot, while I utilized cool colours in the background.

This is a representation of wild plants next to the edge of a stream.  I painted from a photograph that was taken on my last beach trip.  This painting contains mostly cool colours, with a bit of neutrals added.
This last painting evolved from an idea I got while looking at some of the moths that are usually seen around my workplace.  The green form in the upper left corner of the painting is a moth, while the yellow, orange and red form is a butterfly. Both forms are abstracted slightly.

I continue to practise painting different subjects and use different painting techniques.  These paintings are 9" x 12".  I will eventually start painting larger compositions.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Here are a couple of pics that show my painting workspace and a small painting.  I am getting back into painting by first using a smaller page size (approx. 9" x 12").

As an art teacher and artist, I have been practically dormant in my creating for many years.  Now I feel a surge of creativity and inspiration that I am beginning to express.  This blog will be filled with my photographs, drawings, paintings and anything else that I have created.
Nowadays, I am painting mostly from nature-these will be uploaded as I go.
P.S. So proud and excited to be blogging - yayy!!