New shorts, Who dis? (A Summer Lookbook)

Sooo, I went to Suite16 and somehow this yellow shorts (skort?) caught my eye.  I decided that I would look for interesting pieces and figure out how to style them.

Yes, my challenges can be weird sometimes, but hey.

I managed to find three items of clothing after scrummaging through my closet.

1.  Brown wraparound vest.

Wearing this for years, really need to look for a replacement.  It has just the right amount of stretch and is nice to wear with high - waisted skirts or pants.

2.  Black and white

Since the lower half of my body was clothed in bright af yellow, I tried a printed black and white top that I bought on a NY trip. Pictures of this trip can be seen here

3. Violet

Otherwise known as purple to the anti - color wheel folks, this color is the complementary to yellow.  When complementary colors are placed next to each other, they both become more intense.

I think I bought this top for a Machel Monday concert, I'm not too sure.

Do you have a yellow skort or shorts? What do you wear it with?


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