Summer Lookbook: White top, 3 skirts.

 I decided to take a white top that I wore to a party (fete) looong time ago and get three skirts to wear with it.

These items are all just hanging out in my closet so no credit cards were harmed during filming.

My mom bought this skirt for me some years ago and I used to wear it to church.

When I wore these together (for these photos, not church) they gave off a cool 70s vibe.

My word, I think I bought this in some store in Trincity Mall and NEVER wore it. 
It seems to be a skater skirt but I bought and hid this little number way before I knew of that style.

This last 'skirt' is really a wraparound sarong to wear to the beach.  Never wore it but I actually sewed it after I finished my Garment Construction class some years back.

Which skirt was your favorite?


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