New York vacation 2016 (100+ pics)

My first time visiting New York as an adult.
Quick story: I was always told that I was carried to New York as a child, which is pointless because I couldn't shop or eat pizza.

Now?  Everything's changed.

These are all photos of my vacation spent in NY last year, unforgettable.
There are lots of pics so take yuh time.

Was trying to figure out how to fit this into a suitcase haha


The period skirt?

Skinning my rim on the people's bus.

Pregnancy test at the dollar store.

Trying out jeans.

Not so much here. I was posing.

 Rego Center

Stunting with my backpack

You want one too?

Guts - stuffer

Ten US for doody?

Caribbean food place

Morbid, I know.

Green Acres Mall

Sephora, babyyy!

We didn't want to return home with extra coins.

Barnes and Noble, love this place.

Very interesting artist

Churros on the subway

                                              Manhattan Mall. You fancy, huh?

People kept coming up to me asking directions.  I can't help yall, I don't even know where I'm at/


Found my shoe twin

Gateway Center

Green Acres Mall

                                                            Gateway Center

Five and Below


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