Are pencil skirts still relevant?

You bet your @ss they are.

What other item can you just slap on with practically any item of clothing?  Especially in the morning when you may have to get ready, then make sure the rest of the household (significant other, kids, remember to feed the cat) is prepared.

Did you know that the pencil skirt originated in the 1950s?  You can click here to read a brief history on this item.

I decided to pair my skirt with three different types of tops to show the skirt's versatility.

1.  A shirt, tucked in at the waistline of the skirt.

2.  A peasant type, colorful top made of a softer material.

3.  A striped sweater and flat sandals for a more casual look.

Peasant styled top:  Suite 16
Sweater: ?

My natural hair is sprouting quite nicely.  Check out one of my most recent hair tutorials:

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