Spring lookbook?

It's spring time!

The temperature rises as the snow melts and this gives us an opportunity to show a little more skin while wearing some (in my case, at least) cute dresses.

I added some cardigans to fight the post - winter chill.

Some of my readers and viewers may know that I am from an island in the Caribbean.  Here, the weather is tropical (read hot).

However, I am interested in fashions of all seasons and to be quite honest, the US and Europe make up the largest percentage of my YouTube and blog audience.

Google Analytics said so.

So I may wear clothing to reflect the US seasons, but some of these items may not be available internationally.

Btw, my second largest percentage of viewers and readers hail from Trinidad and Tobago, where I was born and currently reside.

It seems that a lot of these Trinis watch, read, observe and don't comment.  Allyuh thought I couldn't see allyuh ent? Dat is what de Analytics does do.

So anyway, on to the clothing:

Floral dress: Gift
Geometric printed Dress: ?
Shoes: GUESS
Pink Cardigan: J & K Signature Styles
Blue Cardigan: GAP


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