EOS Lip Balm review

This photo is not mine

This photo is not mine

I first saw this lip balm being used by bloggers, YouTubers so I bought one from a vendor at a local beauty trade show.

The balm casing is cute and different colors represent different flavors.

This photo is not mine

I ended up repurchasing the product so I used it for approximately six months.


What do I like about this product?  Not much.  The bright colors and the scent.


  • I don't like sweet lip balms, this was too much for me.
  • The price is too high for this quality of product.
  • It doesn't last long at all, even affordable Chap Stick works better for me.

This photo is not mine

  • The globe shape of the lip balm container is bulky so it can't fit in some narrow clutches and purses.
  • Can we talk about the adverse reactions some customers experienced, which led to a lawsuit against the company? 

This photo is not mine

Read about THAT here and here.

For that price, I really would not recommend this product.  Unless you like pretty colors of course.


  1. This balm sucks lol. I tried it years ago when I first started getting into makeup and thought it was the best thing ever until I started trying other balms and experimenting with matte lips. I agree that it's way better balms on the market!

    1. So true, I will be sticking to more generic balms from now on.


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