Are YouTube beauty gurus scamming subscribers? A word of advice to all influencers.

Over the past few years, there has been a spate of beauty YouTubers collaborating with cosmetic brands.  From lipsticks to makeup brushes, we can't keep up with the seemingly endless supply of products.

But let me be blunt:  we are seeing some good cosmetic products yes, but then there are some decidedly sh!+ty ones.  We will explore some of the bad.

Nikkie Tutorials went viral with her Power of Makeup YouTube video.  I guess this led to her collaboration with Too Faced Cosmetics to produce 'The Power of Makeup by Nikkie Tutorials' palette.  However, according to YouTuber Sanders Kennedy 's video, Nikkie was decidedly underpaid  although more than a hundred thousand palettes were sold.

John Kuckian, another YouTuber, stated in his video that Nikkie's product was patchy and not very pigmented when applied to the skin.  He also wondered why the formula used in this palette was so inferior if this company would have already established a particular standard.

Carli Bybel collaborated with Bh Cosmetics to produce the Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition - 21 Color Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette.  In the same Kuckian video linked above, he noted that the packaging was cheap and the colors in the palette were too similar.  However he did add that the former might have been because of the $US12 price tag (at the time).  Imo, Carli seems to be a lover of nude colors so it's not surprising that the palette reflected this.
Then there was the issue where Bh Cosmetics made the item available for pre - order.  Their website crashed amid the avalanche of activity.  Some customers did not receive a confirmation email, some were charged twice and even three times!

When contacted, customers received an automated reply from Bh.  Poor Carli ended up announcing on Twitter that everyone would get refunds.

Jaclyn Hill collaborated with Becca Cosmetics to produce her Champagne Pop highlighter.  This was followed by the Champagne  Collection. According to another Kuckian video Jaclyn Hill Limited Edition Scandal + Court Case, some of the eyeshadows were of an inferior quality because Becca used a Chinese factory to produce them.  This is not the factory that is usually used to manufacture their products.  Hill took to Snapchat to shine some (high)light on the issue.

According to her, Becca cosmetics wanted to come out with the entire collection at the same time.  With the deadline looming ahead, they decided to use the different factory.

Result?  The eyeshadow collection was discontinued.

What's my opinion on all this mess?

I obviously wasn't there when these agreements were being made, but I believe some of these cosmetics companies may turn to a more inferior mode of production so they could receive more money.

It is possible that contracts were not properly read, leaving the YouTubers at a loss.

In addition, some of these influencers end up signing contracts which may prevent them from working with other brands.

To all influencers, whether big or small, be careful when getting into collaborations with companies.  Your name is at stake.


  1. Wow great post. It's a shame that these brands are greedy. Great post


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