The Scary Truth I learned When I attended a Makeup Course

This photo is not mine

Ok, so I am not bashing all makeup courses but I feel the need to share what I experienced when I went to a particular makeup course last year.

I am not going to call names however, people of Trinidad and Tobago will know where I took the course from little things I may talk about in this post.

So anyhoo, on to my story.

I called and was given an appointment.  There would be four classes in all, one - on one teaching.

First class : products.  Cool.

First I was asked you brought brushes?  I didn't and was promptly sold a set of brushes for $400.
The two employees looked at each other like:

  Then the tutor told the other employee to teach me how to cleanse, tone and moisturise.   She went to lunch and left me in the charge of the other employee.  It was a two hour class and she was gone for her hour of lunch.

I already knew how to cleanse, tone and moisturise but still listened anyway.

Employee basically shows me how to rub cleanser into my face and leave it there.  Then she shows me how to also add toner to my face.  As she was about to add the moisturiser I asked her if I was not supposed to remove the cleanser and toner from my face.

She says no this is the correct way.

Strike one.

She tells me to do the same thing that she did on the other half of my face.  As I am doing this, the tutor comes in from lunch.   I applied the cleanser, toner and moisturiser to my face and it turns into a big oily mess.

But hey, this is the correct way to do it.

Tutor approaches and asks me why my face looks so moist.  I told her that the other woman told me to add everything to my face and leave them there.  Tutor answers, what other woman?  I am teaching you.

I point out to her that she went on lunch and the other employee showed me how to rub in each product into my face one by one.

Tutor stops, goes to talk to employee quietly.  Employee looks at me in some type of way for a long time.

On another occasion, tutor tells employee to show me how to apply more makeup products.   Employee drops lip brush onto floor.  Without missing a beat, employee picks up lip brush from floor and promptly slaps it back onto my lips.  Tutor observes quietly in the background.

Strike two.

What explanation could I give for not reacting when this was done?  I have a teensy weensy overreaction problem and as far as I know, you aren't allowed to wear makeup in jail.

Here I am wondering if I could make it through four classes, with all this crap happening.

Basically, store employees teaching the class?
I thought that a reputable company like this would have actual Make Up Artists teaching a makeup course which they claim was certified.
The tutor goes to lunch and just leaves 'Don't Care Debbie' in charge?

I took a look at the makeup, recoiled in horror and snapped a pic.

I am adding a photo of my face approximately 20 minutes after I finished the class. The tutor did one half of my face and I was told to 'do the same thing' on the other side:

The photo above was strike three.

A few other things happened while I communicated with this company.

I had called to set up a class by appointment.  I told the person on the line that I knew the week in question may be booked (it might have been a long weekend or something, I can't remember) so may I have an appointment for the following week.  The person replies that the week is a busy week as if I did not just say that.  I say Ok, then she says you can't get an appointment this week.  I agree and I am still waiting on her to say which day of the following week I can be booked because I am pretty sure that is what I asked earlier in the conversation.  She says alright then and hangs up.


I only did two of the four classes.  I visited another branch and asked if I could continue at another branch.  An employee at that branch told me it could not be done, I will have to finish this course where I started.  I didn't believe that.  We in Trinidad and Tobago know how easy it is for some employees to just say no instead so they don't have to do something extra.

At this point, I am prepared to look for replacements for each of their products when they are finished.  This is not the first time that I had issues with this company and I am organising to make it my last.


  1. Which side of your face was done by the employee?
    This overall experience is also out of this world...and not in the good way. SMH. To think people are paying their hard-earned money for this "class"?! Shame!

  2. I'm so sorry this happened to you.,.such unprofessionalism smh


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