Styling a yellow top: Working with bright colors

What do we do when we see a bright yellow item of clothing?  If it is seen in a store, some of us may opt for another color choice.

We say it's too bright.
However, bright colors can be worn quite easily.

Let's look at three different ways to wear this yellow top.

1.  With neutrals

We can try yellow with black, grey, dark brown as well as navy blue, moss green, oxblood etc.

                                  2.  With a geometric print.

These multicolored pants may look grey if you squint while looking at it so, ta - dah: a neutral.

3.  With green stripes.

So hold up.  Now we have two equally bright af colors.  We risk the chance of walking down the street looking like Bozo the clown.  However, these are harmonious colors (those colors found close to each other on the color wheel) and should work well together.

For some of you sad folks who have never heard of or seen a color wheel, looky here:

See how the yellow and green are almost next to each other?

Now I don't profess to be an expert in fashion,  I am just showing you all what I like to wear, hope you enjoyed.



  1. I really like it with the lime skirt. Now that it's warmer outside I can't wait to wear bright colors.

  2. Hey girl really loved this yellow on you! I loved how you showed different options to style it!

  3. I literally have no yellow pieces of clothing, but I'm now inspired to go out and get some! Great tips!

    1. Thank you, I love working with color.

  4. I love how bright the yellow shirt is and how you were able to pair it so beautifully. My favorite outfit is the yellow with the tribal pants. As an island girl myself, I know bright colors are important for us to have in our wardrobe.

    1. Thanks a lot, I really liked the pants so I actually bought two of them.


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