How to moisturise dry, natural hair.

So I've been doing the natural hair thing for a couple of years and some of the naturalistas out there make this look sooo easy.  They pose and prance while happily bouncing their seemingly flawless coils.

    Well, I would have to say that this is not the case.

What we don't see: lots of time spent detangling, moisturising, braiding and much more.

Most of us with natural hair have gone through that trial and error period where we have to sample different products to find out what works.  We wait patiently while our hair gives us the results - 'Uh, heck no', 'Maybe' or 'Yes!'

For some of us, we may have to try different methods to attain the level of hair moisture that we need.

This brings me to the LOC method.  Some persons (like me) prefer to use the LCO method.

The L can be a liquid based product which will hydrate the hair.  The O is an oil, it seals in the moisture. The C is a cream based product which will close the hair cuticle and keep more moisture in.

This is a photograph of my hair before the LCO method

                                                              This my hair after

I try to do this every other night to maintain moist kinks.

These are the products that I usually use:

I mix a natural hair/braid spray with water.

I use a couple of cream products on my hair at different times, but I like to use this for the LCO method.

I like applying the oil from this handy bottle.

I use the unscented coconut oil, it is not as thick as the more traditional type of coconut oil.

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