5 St Patrick's day makeup ideas from Pinterest.

This photo is not mine

So St. Patrick's day is fast approaching.
While it may be a religious day for some, others may be enjoying some green beer.  You can check out my Green Skittles Vodka recipe here.

Some ladies (and men) also choose to add a little green to their makeup routine on that day.
I decided to pick out 5 makeup looks for the occasion.

1.  Green glitter and Shamrocks.

This photo is not mine

This model used at least 2 shades of green eyeshadow, as well as green glitter and some added shamrock pieces to get her look.

The link for this photo can be found  here

2.  Green eyeshadow with heavy liner.

This photo is not mine

The woman in the photo above chose to add a green turban to her ensemble.
The link  for the second pic can be found here

3.  East Indian inspired green eyeshadow and jewelry.

This photo is not mine

Her eyeshadow matches perfectly with her traditional wear,
The link for the photograph above can be found here

4.  Green smoky look.

This photo is not mine

Green eyeshadow was used around the entire eye area.

Link for the fourth photo can be found here

5.  Neon green eyeshadow.

This photo is not mine

This would look really nice at night!

The link for the above photo can be found here

You will find some affiliate links below of different shades of green eyeshadow.


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